Our New Craft Beers – Ruckin’ Flanker and Vardy’s Volley!

March 4, 2016

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Introducing Steamin’ Billy’s latest craft beers, from Charnwood Brewery  – Ruckin’ Flanker and the obviously less risqué Vardy’s Volley! 

Two new craft beers have joined the Steamin’ Billy bar. Ruckin’Flanker and the soon to be launched Vardy’s Volley. Yes, you read right. One of these two beers is called Ruckin’ Flanker. Don’t grab the PC pitchforks just yet however – it’s clearly a reference to the on-going Six Nations Championship.

For the uninitiated, a ruck is when a couple of rugby players close over the ball and form something like an in-play scrum. A Flanker is a position in rugby. So it all makes sense. The beer is on sale at the moment to coincide with the Six Nations, in which England are doing reasonably well in. We’re (at the time of writing) undefeated so far and heading into round 4 against the mighty Welsh – also undefeated however picking up a draw and two wins to England’s three victories.

So there’s your rugby round up. Vardy’s Volley is named for the fantastic volley Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy smashed home from 25 yards to give the Foxes a 1-0 lead over Liverpool. Leicester ended up winning 2-0 thanks to a second from Vardy. Leicester are still top of the league (again, at the time of writing!) and if they do manage to win the Premiership, you can guarantee the whole Steamin’ Billy family will be sinking a fair few pints of Vardy’s Volley.

There you have it. Two sports related pump clips to be shipped out to all our pubs across the land. Ruckin’ Flanker’s not such an outrageous name. It could have been a lot worse – suggestions on a postcard please.