Jolly Good Business

There’s nothing better for shaking off the stress of the working week than a Jolly Day Away. 

Steamin’ Billy is proud to offer subsidised days out for you and your business – the perfect way to reward your staff or woo clients and unwind with a day’s hospitality at our Great British Pubs.  

The Jolly Day Away is designed for between 50 and 100 of your staff or clients to come out on an all day party with Steamin’ Billy. It’s perfect for team building, incentivising your staff or getting to know your important clients.

A Jolly Day Away can be booked for any day of the week for as little as £40.00 per person. Send us an email with your provisional numbers, location (so we know which pub to start you off from)  and the date you’d like to have your Jolly Day Away and we’ll make it happen. Jolly Good!

For enquiries, please email