Environmental Policy

To reduce the environmental impact of out business activities.

Steamin’ Billy is committed to:

  • Sourcing products and ingredients in the most sustainable way available
  • Using packaging responsibly, encouraging packaging reduction
  • Proper management and monitoring of waste
  • Conservation of energy and natural resources & fuel efficiencies
  • Working with the supply chain for improved sustainability
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Use, wherever possible contractors and suppliers with similar environmental standards to ur own

Staff are encouraged to:

  • Give preference, where items are of a similar cost to those that are manufactured with a high recycled content or hold a a higher degree of environmental status (based on performance, recyclability, reduced harm to the environment, end of life disposal). For services procured staff should give preference to those suppliers who hold environmental accretions where the costs are similar.
  • Consider the energy usage/cost of operating equipment prior to purchase.
  • Favour suppliers that are committed to environmental improvement.

Zero Carbon Footprint:

Climate change is threatening people’s lives and livelihoods around the world. We are committed to bold climate action that progresses towards a ZERO carbon footprint.

The intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued critical warnings for global warming of 2C and more above preindustrial levels. Without urgent action, by the end of the century weather will be more extreme, sea levels will be higher and crops will struggle.

This is why we have designed our carbon targets in Together Towards ZERO to reduce our emissions in line with the more ambitious 1.5C level of the Paris Agreement.

We believe it is possible for companies to significantly cut remissions while still driving business growth.

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