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Reduce reuse recycle

Looking after the environment is very important to us and we work hard to protect it where we can. We have made conscious efforts to reduce our impact and will continue to make improvements where possible, we have so far replaced all our lighting with energy efficient bulbs, we turn off lights and appliances when possible and have moved towards energy efficient kitchen appliances, such as induction hobs rather than gas hobs, all to help reduce our energy consumption.

The waste that we do produce is either recycled or reused and all staff are trained on how to sort. All vegetable peelings, coffee grinds and uncoated cardboard are composted and then used within our kitchen garden and we recycle products that are not compostable including glass, plastics and coated cardboard. Staff are trained on sorting and reducing from induction and are regularly monitored by the management team to ensure that we recycle and compost everything we can!

We work with a local refuse company Baker Waste who take away our recycling and non-recycling waste with the aim to reduce the amount that goes into landfill. The waste is weighed and tracked so that they can then give us statistics as to what has happened to our waste. The most recent data that we have shows that 73% of our non-food waste is recycled and 27% is used to generate energy.

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