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Where does our produce come from?

We are fortunate enough to have our own kitchen garden on site here at Stoughton Grange, this allows us to grow our own seasonal native fruit and vegetables for use in the pub.

For those products we do have to purchase we work closely with local suppliers to ensure that we are purchasing only the best of local produce.

All of our dry aged meat is sourced from Will Jackson who are based in Slawston, Market Harborough who provides us with Lincolnshire red beef cows. Our pork is from Packington who are based in Staffordshire. Our chicken is from Fosse Meadows who are based in North Kilworth and the majority of our eggs come from our own chickens on site with the rest coming from high welfare poultry farms. Some of our meat also comes from our local butchers, Joseph Morris, who also source their meat from local farms.

These farms are all high welfare and as such have a policy of responsible antibiotic use, high quality animal feeds and transport their animals humanely. These are critical criteria for us when looking at
new meat suppliers both in the restaurant and the farm shop

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